I Never Thought I’d Start A Blog

I’ve made it this far into my life without starting a blog because, frankly, I didn’t think I had that much to talk about. I could sit here and list all the things I’ve done in a day (wake up, shower, go to work, work, come home and repeat) or I could talk about life lessons I’ve learned on the way (don’t loan boyfriends any amount of money, you’ll never see it again) or I could even just talk about my fitness goals for  the year (see the inside of a gym at least twice).

But all that’s so cliche and boring. It’s overdone.

Google “fitness blogs” right now and you’ll see a million and one results pop up– some written by people far more qualified than I to talk to you about fitness. Or, look up “personal blogs” and, after sloughing through ads to claiming to help create a personal blog in three easy steps, you’ll find lists of the top personal blogs from places such as The Webby awards. Sidebar– what even IS the Webby awards and why should I care? I could write about marketing but I do that for eight hours a day, do I really want to exclusively write about marketing in my free time? Also, what the heck do I know about marketing? I’m not some self-proclaimed guru. I believe what makes a good marketer is their results and, as a new face in the workforce, I haven’t had time for results.

Then it came time to figure out why I might want to start a blog. For my family to keep up with my life? Probably not. I already write for The Odyssey and they (better) read that so that updates them on my life. I also live with my parents so they’re pretty savvy to what I’m doing. I think. Either that or they really don’t care too much what their adult daughter is getting into as long as A) it’s not illegal, B) I come home and C) I’m not hurting myself or anyone else.

I simply just wanted a place to put my thoughts out  into the Internet and practice my writing. I know I’m not important. I know I won’t make a living on a blog like some kind of knock-off Pioneer Woman. I won’t have– super cute– plates in Walmart and I won’t be making a book deal anytime soon (can’t say never but I can say probably not). I just wanted a place to write down things that I encounter.

So, I racked my brain for what makes me unique. Okay, I didn’t just rack my brain; I picked the brains of my friends to see what they would say. I asked them, straight out, “what am I good at?” and bless them, they answered.

My topic became clear. I’m in a very unique situation that there’s not a lot of people writing about. I have a full-time career, I work 40 hours a week in my marketing job and I teach guitar in the evenings. All-in-all, I work anywhere between fifty to seventy hours a week. But, I also happen to be dating someone in the military.

It seems like women (and men!) who are dating/engaged/married to someone in the military and also have a full-time job are very underrepresented in literature and in the blog-o-sphere. There’s the image of the “dependa” (thanks, William, for teaching me fun new words!), the woman feeding off her husband and taking all his money for herself without contributing anything to the marriage. These “vile” women are gossiped about by the boys during their working hours and the more established men warn the newcomers to stay away from certain women. Or, you read on the blogs about stay-at-home moms who are essentially Pinterest incarnated.

A lot of the women I’ve encountered that are my age tend to be more home-focused than career-focused, which is okay. It’s just not me. It’s also something I don’t think is talked about. I was so very lucky to meet a group of women, nine of us to be exact, that are all very similar. We all work, we’re all educated (in different things) and we all have similar goals in the end. But, I still always wonder and I get a lot of questions from curious coworkers/friends/internet people.

How does my boyfriend fit into my life?

How are we making things work with us both being gone for hours at a time?

I certainly don’t know but I’m finding out.


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